Where Were You On September 11, 2021? —

Most people remember where they were and what they were doing. This was the worst terrorist act in America. The scene was hard to watch, with people jumping off buildings. I didn’t know the buildings would fall, wasn’t thinking that day. I was rushing out the door to catch a plane to Russia. The airport […]

Where Were You On September 11, 2021? —

Feedback Matters A lot ? — Guest blogger Prasenjeet Gautam Photography Blogs (www.prasenjeetgautam.com)

What is the most responsible factor that promotes your photography level at its best? There are a lot of factors which help your photography skills. Like your technical knowledge, creative aspect, understanding of light and subject, good quality equipment, client handling and delivery etc. There are so many factors involved in a successful photographer’s career. I […]

Feedback Matters A lot ? — Prasenjeet Gautam Photography Blogs (www.prasenjeetgautam.com)

He Has Risen! —

Jesus has risen!  I pray your day is filled with love and surrounded by the people you care about the most.                                                                  This photo […]

He Has Risen! —

It’s My Fake Birthday —

I always use a fake birthday when filling out forms on the Internet, just one less piece of info some stranger has on me. January 19th is my fake birthday, actually, it’s my granny’s birthday and I’ve set up a fundraiser. I’ve never done this before on Facebook and don’t know if anyone will donate […]

It’s My Fake Birthday —

Happy New Year

Thank you for being a loyal reader during 2021, your comments have meant so much to me. I look forward to bringing more Gallery Travels, museums, and interviews in 2022.

This photo was taken in Tokyo.

Be safe this evening and I’ll see you next year.


Merry Christmas —

It may be hard to get in the spirit with all the wild weather, the media, and COVID going on but it’s a blessed time of year. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, it’s a great time to get into the giving spirit and enjoy time with family and friends. Yes, it will look […]

Merry Christmas —

It’s International Artist Day

I’m am not an artist but I sure know what I like about art! Art is different for every person and we see the emotions of the artist in each piece. 

I love all types of art and can appreciate each for the passion the artist puts behind it even if I don’t care for the style. 











This is as close to what I would call an art piece for me, it’s a photograph I love to play with, and this one came out just funky and bright enough for me. 

My favorite piece of art is in the Courtauld Gallery in London by Edouard Manet called  Bar at the Folies Bergere. 

See the source image

What do you love about art and what is your favorite piece of art?

Here’s to all the artists around the world and in each of us! 


Visit a museum in Strasbourg: Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art — Guest Blogger Strafari

From 1870 to present day The Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (frequently referred to as MAMCS) is one of the only museums in France to curate their collection exhibit in a manner that is representative of western European art from 1870 to present day. The 13 000 m2modern museum building is nestled between the river Ill […]

Visit a museum in Strasbourg: Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art — Strafari
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