Newbie looking for Insight and Resources

After 50 years I have bought a pad and complete pencil set. At five years old ships and horses were my passion and drawn on spiral notebook with a #2 pencil. I’ve looked at the black pencils and see different numbers on them, WOW, this is going to take more learning than I thought.

I plan to start with flowers and leaves or where my mind goes. I can use my love of gardening to help guide me. There are so many great artist on WP, I’m hoping you can think back to your beginning and provide some insight. What sites are helpful if any, for learning or is it better to buy a book on how to sketch. I’m not a read instructions person so using my imagination was the plan.

Once I meet my standard of good I’ll post and ask you for feedback. I know sketching, any style of art is a life time of learning.

Any feedback you can leave is much appreciated!


3 Replies to “Newbie looking for Insight and Resources”

  1. I love the example image! I’d say, go with your gut and for the most parts. A techniques book may be useful for learning some unusual tricks and tools. But I think ultimately you’ll be happier in the long run if you find your own style.

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