Colours in the photography

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The colours are the most important content, the soul of photography in Photography. Colours impact photography 100%. Colours impacts emotions, feelings, an interest of the photographs. In a simple language, colours speak through all the communications of the photograph and convey the interesting message. Let discuss the colours relationship with the photographs and how your colours knowledge can boost up the level of the photography.

There are two types of colours in photography.

  • Warm Colours- Red, yellow, orange
  • Cool colours- Green, blue, violet

Warm colours always grab the viewer’s attention, I hope you must have liked the sunset, sunrise photographs. Warm colours are always active and charged and they create a good mood for the viewer. Viewer always feels happy when they are experiencing sunset, sunrise and another warm moment of nature.

Cool colours are more gentle, subdued, fady, neutral, calm etc. Cool colours do not attract viewers’ attention much. Cool…

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