Interview with Professional​ Photographer​ Prasenjeet Gautam

I’m excited to introduce professional photographer Prasenjeet Gautam from blog His blog is more than photography, Prasenjeet teaches along the journey. I encourage everyone to visit his blog, you will see things that light up the sky. 

How many cameras do you have?
I have 2-3 cameras, Start from the basic and High-end professional camera. I use as per the photography requirement. 
How do you choose the camera you will use? Do you use several cameras to take the same shot to compare? 
I choose the camera as per the shooting requirement. Sometimes your semi-professional camera fulfils your shoot requirement. I always several lenses to shoot the same subject like prime and zoom lens. Most of the lens can be used on the same camera body. One camera is sufficient for the shoot but always keep one extra camera body in reserve, In case any technical error or damaged happen to the camera. then you can shoot with the second camera, which is in reserve mode. In any case, the shoot should not be cancelled. It is not good for your brand image. 
When I compare the old shoot which was shot by the basic camera, and the same subject is shot by the high-end professional camera. There is always a big difference in both of the shots. Like basic camera has a small sensor and capture fewer details and High-end professional camera has a big sensor and captures the more details. More details are always a better photograph. As a professional photographer, you should know which camera is better for which photography genres. 
Wrap up
Photography is not a one-day, one-week, one-year assignment. It is a countineaous process of learning, More you add in term of knowledge and practice in your photography, More you get the better results. In all my blogs and article I always mentioned that keep experimenting. Because this is the only way to get a better photograph or to be a better photographer. Always remember.
Sunset Photograph
This one of my favorites from a recent post.


Purpose of this photograph is, whenever you view this photograph you must feel peace & positive energy
I feel privileged Prasenjeet trusted me with his photos and allowing me to take time away from his busy career.
PS my computer is having issues, I apologize if spacing off.

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