Add On Interview With David Kanigan

It’s close to a year since I talked with David Kanigan about photography and wanted to do an Add On interview to catch you up to date. So much has changed in David’s life with regard to photography.

I interviewed David Kanigan right after he bought his new camera which was about the time COVID hit the area hard. A link to the original interview is included below. Be sure to check out his blog at

I’ve included some of my favorite recent photos of David’s below. You can check out his Instagram account for the full display at

What was the first day you went to Cove Park with your camera and what were your first photos?

My first day was May 5, 2020.  Here is the link for the shots I took that day:  I believe I used a small pocket Sony camera.  Outside of the goose, shots were uninspiring!  And I’ve gone from 12 shots that day to 75-150 shots a day today.  And on May 5, 2020, I ran to the Park.  Today, I take my car and walk. 😦

Now that you’ve had since May 2020 to visit and shoot at the park every day, what have you learned? You’re top three thoughts.

Top 3 thoughts. 1) 458 days in a row. I can see the streak being broken next month for a family visit.  Makes me sad that this day is approaching.  2) I am shocked at how few “rainouts” there have been.  3) Not every single day, but most days, I am awed by something I have seen.  I especially love the twilight “light” in the morning. I have gone back to the back at midday to the park, it’s a totally different (and crowded) place -and I find that I am less inspired to shoot at any other time but twilight.

How has the Pandemic, from a time and photography standpoint changed your life?

Photography has injected balance into my life, one that was focused on Work and Family.  And it enabled me to start my day from an inspired, natural position. Rather than jumping into my email queue and working that down.

What is next for you and photography?

What’s next for me and photography.  I haven’t framed a single photograph of mine.  My Son is a fine photographer and has created a number of spectacularly beautiful prints.  I’d like to try this.  I would like to acquire Photo Editing and Video Editing proficiency.  I’ve dabbled here, and I can see this is a significant investment of time.  And I would like to try to use my camera’s video-taking capabilities. Finally. if I could learn one new function on my camera a week, I would still not figure it all out in a year.  I would like to benefit from all that it can do.

Here are a few of my favorite recent photos.

You can read the first interview with David here.

Happy Snapping!


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